What is Pix-a-Pix?

Pix-a-pix, also known as Griddlers or Nonogram is a kind of "paint by numbers" logic puzzle, in which you have to color a grid of cells according to the numbers attached to each column and row. All properly colored cells will compose a picture.


The aim of the puzzle is to discover the picture encoded by the numbers along the picture's borders. Each number represents a sequence of fields painted with the color with which the number is painted. If there are one or more numbers at the beginning of a row or column, there will be several sequences, appearing in the same order as numbers. Between the sequences of the same color there must be at least one blank field (the color of the picture's background). Sequence of a different color may (but doesn't necessarily have to) begin directly after the previous one.


Here is a sample picture:


We can color the sequence of three black fields in 6th, 7th and 8th row. As you can see, they correspond with the black triplets from 3rd, 4th and 5th column. A black square 3x3 appears:

1. step

Now we can do the same with the green color. A sequence of three green fields in the 4th row and one field in the 5th and 6th would create a green line. Notice how the colored fields in row fit the numbers in columns:

2. step

Lets finish up the whole picture, adding a red and a yellow line:


Try It Yourself!

Now, if you want to try Pic-a-Pix yourself, just start playing!